Improving sales is a (longstanding) major topic for most businesses.  An investigation of how to do a better job of meeting/exceeding revenue goals inevitably leads to debates about how to accurately forecast your sales targets, how to provide the right compensation plan to drive the right sales behavior, how to shorten the sales cycle, how to know if you have the right number of sales people, etc.  Am I striking a chord here?  Lynne White has been helping companies solve these sales problems for over 20 years.  She’s a consummate professional who loves selling, and helping other folks to sell better.  A.k.a., Accelerating sales. She calls her passion, “Transforming the Listening of Sales”. 

So, long story short, I interviewed Lynne recently on a Podcast about her sales passion.  In   minutes you can hear about the three most common factors amongst companies looking to improve sales performance.  They are: 

1) Lack of a Product/Revenue Model: this is a tool that is built for where your company wants to go with your sales goals.  Too often companies use historical results, what did we sell last month or last year, to set targets. 

2) No staged (structured) sales process.  I know, processes have been done to death.  But Lynne has a ‘light-touch’ (my words) approach to creating sales processes.  She manages to make most sales people’s life and days easier with a simple, straight forward sales process approach.  Lynne believes it’s all about reducing the anxiety around sales and setting the right expectations for everyone—sales folks, sales managers and prospects.

3) The third factor is the dreaded process of developing a sales compensation plan that works. One everybody on your team can buy into.   Honest.  There is another method besides the “let’s pick a number and work from there” approach. According to Lynne, if you tie this step back into step 1 (creating a Product/Revenue Model) it is easier than it sounds. 

I hope you listen to Lynne’s insights on sales. Click here to download the 21-minute interview.  (The audio cast is 19 MB in size and takes about 4 minutes to download on a DSL connection.)

Let me know your thoughts about Lynne White’s approach to accelerating sales.