One (of the many) advantages small companies have over big companies, like General Motors (at least they blog, see Fastlane executive GM blog here)  and Toyota Motor Corp., are smaller, spent-more-wisely marketing budgets.  Mega automakers spend millions on interruption (one-way, traditional advertising) marketing.  Auto commercials have been shouting at us during prime time shows and sporting events since the advent of televsion.  Few industries spend more on television and cable advertising than auto makers.    Enter a new trend!  An article from Wall St. Journal (9-1-06) (Requires $$ or 2-week free trial) demonstrates smart marketing-advertising by GM,
Toyota and others. 

Based on the insights that at any given time, only 5 million Americans are actively car shopping, a clever group decided to offer the auto buying experience a shot in the arm.   The WSJ article talks about a buyer, Dave Adler, who was zeroing in a newSaturn Sky roadster, but still wanted to do some comparisons with competitive models. Instead of either spending hours visiting multiple showrooms to test drive, or logging onto a Web site, Adler grabbed his remote and switched on DriverTV.  DriverTV is a cable television station that allows you to compare the capabilities of different cars via video on demand. The cable channel offers clips showing different car models driving down a stretch of road. 

 How cool is that?  (Who knew television had some life left beyond serving as a platform for my TiVo and digital video recorder?)