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Peter Drucker said the sole purpose of a business is to create a customer.  I couldn’t agree more.  So this blog will be about lots of things related to customers. Who exactly are your customers? What do they want?  Where are they going? What are their biggest headaches?  How can your products and services make their lives better, easier?

My passion is about uncovering and sharing what works and what doesn’t work for small companies among the myriad of available strategies, tools, and tactics for finding, winning and keeping profitable customers.  Good (effective) marketing, unfortunately, takes time and money—or does it? 

So the challenge is how to market successfully without a Fortune 500-like budget.  If you have unlimited resources it’s easy to find customers and get their attention.   But most of us do not have unlimited budgets, so what do we do to create an image that will appeal to our dream customers?

My intent is to use this blog to examine the pros and cons, successes and misses, of the new, new marketing public relations options.  Options including, communities, word of mouth, citizen journalism, blogging and Podcasting, and public relations (the new advertising).  And we’ll look at the not-so-new options—referrals, direct marketing, branding and more.

We’ll explore how you can use both new and old marketing public relations to build a big image and reach influentials and buyers.  It will all boil down to, how you can make it easy for your target customers to find your company and your products and services. 

If we all believe now that markets are conversations, then how can your growing companies start, and join in conversations with your market (customers) that result in growth?  I’d love to hear what’s been working for you.  And I’m certainly going to share the successes I’ve found.

One thing to keep in mind, just because you’re a small company, doesn’t mean you can’t have a big image.